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Midian Musings

Greetings to all of the monsters out there - all those weirdos, freaks, and anyone else on the fringe. You're in the right place. Yes, even if you only have a small sliver of monster in you, or maybe you don't, and just want to. You're all welcome here.


I find it more than a little amusing that I randomly happened to choose today to start this blog. It's Easter Sunday for some, and while I don't celebrate it as a religious holiday, I am well aware of the significance of this time of year for those of us who like our spirituality more natural and less institutionalized. It's a time to celebrate the fertility of spring - new beginnings. What better time to start something new like this? Of course there's a much less appropriate joke about a Zombie Jesus in there somewhere, too.

This blog is meant to fulfill two purposes.

First, and most honestly, Ko and I hope to attract more like-minded people to his fan art prints and other items we have for sale on this site. If you love science fiction or horror, or just have a favorite character, you're likely to find something here that you would be glad to hang on your wall. I also make Creepy Greetings cards by hand, with a wide range of both your typical holiday messages, as well as some less traditional (and far less appropriate) fare. From time to time, Ko also posts collectible items he finds for sale, including comics, magazines, and action figures. He also takes commission requests for portraits of pretty much anyone you would like (real or character), and for a little extra, he can customize them with monster-makeup-type effects (zombie flesh deterioration, stitches, bloody wounds, etc.).

The second reason for the blog is to give me a bit of a creative outlet, with an appropriately creepy theme, of course. Don't worry, I don't plan on using this as a forum for my creative writing - if you are one of the weirdos interested in that for some odd reason, just let me know and I'll point you in the right direction. Instead, this will just be a place for me to tell anyone out there who cares to read it about what Ko and I have been up to, as it related to the world of creepy film, music, art, and other such areas. Another plus - they probably won't all be as long as this introductory post - but no promises.

So, for instance, here's what we've been up to recently.

A few weeks ago, Ko and I decided to go back and re-watch the entirety of the True Blood series. Neither of us had followed it for more than the first two or three seasons when it first came out, but we were both in the mood for something paranormal and sexy, so as we often do, we set up a daily habit of a couple episodes a night, with extra binging on the weekends. We just finished the final season two days ago, and we already miss it. I know it was just basically a soap opera in a fantasy setting, but we both really enjoyed it. I know how involved I tend to get with stories, so I anticipated my sense of loss when it was over and checked out the first book a few days before we wrapped it up, so I'm already deep into Charlaine Harris' 'Dead Until Dark' and I'm loving it just as much. Ko and I both enjoy picking apart 'book versus movie' differences, so I have an outlet for everything I'm noticing, which is a plus.

Ko just attended the Quad Cities ComicCon (by Mighty Con Shows) in Davenport, Iowa a few weeks ago, and had a great time selling fan art prints and meeting other vendors and con-goers.

His next show will be ChiCon (by Midwest Collectibles) in Countryside, Illinois.

Thanks to everyone for reading! We are always open to comments and questions, so please don't hesitate to use the Contact Us form here on our site, or email us directly:

Have a Creepy Day!

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